Our freelancers have passed rigorous competency tests and meet our required level of proficiency in industry standard packages and practices.
When you hire a MacDux freelancer, you get great application knowledge and speed, a solid understanding of pre-press technique, and someone who fits into your studio and understands the creative and production procedure. We know you don’t have time to baby-sit anyone.
If you have special needs, art direction or design ability, programming, web design, specific pre-press requirements or other needs, let us know so we can make sure you get exactly the right person.
Our freelancers are not just ‘temping’ between jobs — they are all self-employed professionals who choose to be part of a larger team with a reputation for excellence. They carry the MacDux banner wherever they go and you will notice the difference in attitude immediately.
If you’d like to know how you can get our team to work with yours, please phone: 0497 217 842 or email us and we’ll tell you more.