If you need a freelancer but have nowhere to put them or you just need extra equipment for the extra workload, we can send over a hire Mac and you are in business.
So, if you need an extra work station here's the solution . . .
MacDux have souped-up iMacs with 27" Cinema Displays for hire from only $350 per week! Further details provided upon enquiry. Minimum hire period is one week and if you have one for a month or more the rate reduces. For example:
2.7 GHz Intel Quad Core i5, 12GB RAM, 1TB hard drive
$350 per week, or $1200 per month + GST
Call us on 9682 0575 and we will have one on your doorstep within a few hours.
And of course, if you want the best freelancers in town to go with the Mac we can arrange that too!
Contact us to discuss your requirements.